Sedentary you, what to save your "Montenegro old waist"?

Every day for a long time desk work and study, what to save your "Montenegro old waist"?

A study of behavioral risk factors by WHO released a "scare you" message: sedentary lifestyles can unknowingly bring about many health problems that are a major potential cause of death, illness, disability and incapacitation The reason for this is that nearly 2,300 deaths per year worldwide are related to this lifestyle and that sedentary increases the mortality rate of almost all diseases.

"Sedentary" caused by a variety of diseases: obesity, "three high", lumbar disease, colon cancer, muscle atrophy, varicose veins, gynecological diseases.

Let us take action, sit alternately, to prevent these invisible "killer!"

I-SMAR elevates desks and study tables to relieve the symptoms of the above minor diseases that have risen now. Descending tables and chair sets can bring you different working and learning experiences!

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