Height adjustable desk - I-SMAR electric desk

The completely height-adjustable system offers a wide range of flexibility - as the working tools become smaller, smarter and more flexible furniture as well.

The modern office quickly brings a new attitude to work with the continuous development of technology, work patterns, methods of spatial distribution and liquidity creation. Ergonomic Posture Movement and changes in daytime have proven to not only have significant health and well-being benefits, but also support focused work programs. Releasing the perimeter of the table provides a more efficient working surface than the traditional one, all while allowing for smaller volumes without compromising desktop efficiency.

A clean and organized desktop is possible thanks to the built-in cable management for multiple layout combinations within a single column. Powder-coated steel structures made in a wide variety of finish sheets are available in white or black.

(I-SMAR lift table - magical table height adjustable)

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