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In the eyes of parents, 10-year-old Xiao Ming seems to be a good boy without any drawbacks. Since the first grade, his grades have been far ahead, by his partners as "primary school tyrants." He is still the monitor, young age has a strong leadership, well-behaved handsome, full of innocence and vitality at the same time. Long summer vacation, when other bear children wantonly roll on the ground, Xiao Ming is reviewing homework, earnestly finish the summer homework. It may be such a model child, in the upcoming school days, raging stubborn temper.

Muttering a small mouth, sullen look music bad parents. Humorous father actually doubts Xiao Ming is not encountered like a girl, began puppy love, my mother quickly denied this speculation, now puppy love too early! They tried to find Xiao Ming open heart talk, but stubborn Xiao Ming seems unspeakable unspeakable implicit, so funny parents decided to follow Xiao Ming, snooping one of the reasons.

On this day, Xiao Ming, after breakfast about good students Li Le go out, followed by their parents. When they sat in McDonald's chatting, parents vaguely heard, Xiao Ming Li Le to say the heart of the troubles. It turned out that Xiao Ming really "love" it! But he is not in love with a girl, but an electric lift table! Parents can no longer bear, laughed, children's minds so cute, an electric lift table, you can make Xiao Ming fascinated!

Xiao Ming is very unconvinced, to parents to explain the reason for love: it is not a simple table, but the content, depth, useful product of the developed technology! Not fit the table and chairs will be the invisible killer children's health! "I do my homework everyday, reading, sometimes using a computer, these are inseparable from the tables and chairs, inappropriate height, distance may make me myopia, humpback or even dorsal bending, unwell desk will unwittingly Causing harm to the body. "Xiao Ming played domineering temperament, said many in one fell swoop fell in love with electric lift table reason! Parents were stunned by the small Ming! So through a variety of ways to collect information for verification, and sure enough, as Xiaoming said, the Ministry of Health recently released survey showed that China's 18-year-old population, 83% of patients with myopia, another report also pointed out that China's primary 6 Grade students, 62% need to wear glasses, the original culprit of all this is caused by a high degree of inappropriate tables and chairs!

Understanding of this information, the parents spine on the back of a layer of cold sweat, Xiao Ming's desire is nothing wrong, whether from the health or from the heart to meet the extent, have made Xiao Ming get his wish. When the parents bought the electric lifting table for Xiaoming home, Xiao Ming shamelessly stroked it, smiled contentedly. Li Le later learned that the reason why Xiaoming has been hiding the parents before, do not want to say they want a set of electric lift tables, because too filial piety, always feel that parents make hard, should be more for parents to consider, so that they do not feel To heavy burden. As a naughty general parents, heard here, eyes tears could not help but flow down. Xiao Ming, not only a responsible primary school hegemony, or a lovable little warm male it!

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