Prevention of the herbal god - sleep technology wearable smart quilt

Dressed gentleman from 2017 has ISHE shenzhen intelligent hardware exhibition exhibition forecast, for the intelligent hardware exhibition exhibits, one vertical applications from sleep technology companies in the field of wearable intelligent quilt Iquilt mini, its products and function, may be a free treasure mom sleep artifact, help their children avoid common sleep problems during sleep and rest, it also makes it easier to grandpa's grandmother mom and dad don't have to repeatedly for children have to sleep and kicking a night view, sleep not nerves.

The child sleeps alone, out of the hyperactive instinct, sometimes unconsciously kicks off the quilt, causes the sleep to catch cold cold; Often because of fear of the dark, to escape cold and hard fall sleep, because the quilt inside inadequate oxygen influence sleep quality and intellectual development, and this, is a young mom and dad often ignore ignored.


Sleep technology companies, for children's sleep habits and problems creatively developed Iquilt mini wearable intelligent quilt, its patent technology design opening type to wear structure, effectively avoid the children sleep unconscious kick a quilt and catch cold catch cold catch cold. The opening structure makes the child immediately fall sleep, it can provide smooth air hole that will face the empty dark fear deep helplessness, get bed in narrow space sense of security, and avoid the lack of oxygen head to bring sleep neurasthenia. Intelligent function of the temperature monitoring scheme, which makes the young mom and dad when children are occasional low-grade fever, by mobile phone APP can light immediately perceived that the child has a cold, but there was no badly burned without showing a morbid, thus early intervention to prevent and reduce the pain of the child's cold, high fever of medical treatment, hospital time back and forth, a children's weight reduction, grandma and grandpa anxiety a continuation of the pain... Its intelligent temperature monitoring function, allows parents to the child to sleep unconscious kick a quilt, hypothermia will catch a cold catch a cold, through the smart chip temperature sensor connection, for the first time send alarm signal to mom and dad, let mom and dad can be kicked in children quilt will catch a cold to intervene before check, tucked help to avoid catching cold cold, guardian child health all the time.


Its senior cloud version, let even parents in distant lands, through the cloud data, from the phone APP can know left-behind children sleep health in the home, can know the child is going to catch a cold have a fever, the first time to notice other guardians intervene prevention, effectively enhance the level of the children and parents healthy sleep, enhance the parent-child relationship affection.

Sleep technology company wearable intelligent quilt Iquilt mini smart in 08.16 in 2017-18 ishe shenzhen hardware exhibition at the same time, start a group purchase the raise of co-operation and Su Ningyi purchase, now pay attention to participate in group buying the raise of the wearable intelligent quilt, have the opportunity to obtain a yuan that take a wearable intelligent quilt Iquilt mini. Interested friends can also use a lower price involved in getting such personalized products and services, in order to dear beloved baby child, do this is worth it is necessary and more save worry.

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