Zhirong group CEO jiao ke: financial technology to think smarter AI technology is key

With the advent of the new financial era, it is not hard to find that scientific and technological innovation is the most important driving force for every major change in the history of world finance. At present, with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and chain blocks as representative's emerging technologies, is thoroughly change the traditional financial sources of information collection, risk assessment system, the credit approval process, portfolio management, and other business module. As a representative of the new financial technology application field, zhirong group is closely watched by people in finance and technology.

In the face of big data, such as artificial intelligence technology application in the field of financial innovation significant advantages, think financial group CEO coke can in the industry summit emphasized many times, the traditional financial and financial technology is by no means, it is a combination of the process. A traditional financial risk control experts through experience accumulation to reach an expert level unceasingly, this is a process of continuous learning, and the body of the artificial intelligence will learn just from are replaced by machines, but the computation is far more than human.

To melt group independent research and development of I.C.E artificial intelligence risk control engine as an example, the traditional financial institutions of structured data can be handled by people, while the present vast amounts of unstructured data processing must rely on technology. Among them, the "conan character project" has been excavated to produce the weak characteristics of more than 1200 dimensions through massive data. The "d-ai machine learning model" distil the underlying data into "knowledge points" through the feature engineering, and then repeated practice using the upper algorithm model to continuously optimize the "super brain". The "Anubis big data computing architecture" USES the high performance architecture support model for rapid iteration and stable operation of the system.

It is reported that new financial of financial group is a leading domestic technology company, focused on independent research and development with new financial as the core of artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence has I.C.E risk control engine, APP, hui cheng with money to help the PaaS three core products. As a financial practitioner of pratt & Whitney, zhirong group formally became a member of the Internet finance association of China in March 2017, and completed a 466 million RMB C round financing in the same month to realize the brand upgrade.

The successful candidates in 2017, the world's most valuable financial 250 ranking of wisdom in harmony of science and technology group, was invited to attend the CCF - GAIR summit every won "the most investment value in the field of practical AI financial award" and "top 50 2017 caused a long list of new intelligence" two awards. Believe that the future with the development of artificial intelligence technology, cooperation of financial group and the traditional financial institutions will provide a new opportunity of development for the financial sector, promoting the long-term development of the financial industry in China.

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