Artificial intelligence: new impetus for the development of financial science and technology

As AlphaGo summit in wuzhen go again in May this year after winning, AI (Artificial Intelligence, hereinafter referred to as the "AI") again detonated in the global scope, began to appear the form of Artificial Intelligence application in all walks of life, part of the industry leading companies start the Artificial Intelligence strategy, the purpose is to use Artificial Intelligence products and services, in particular to imitate human experts in the field of thinking to solve the problem of insufficient intellectualization level during the process of innovation service. From the recent domestic each big commercial Banks successively with "BATJ" (four big Internet companies) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, are aimed at the financial application fields of science and technology, especially through artificial intelligence promote the intelligent level of financial services.

Artificial intelligence can be understood as "thinking" and "acting" as human beings. The main working mechanism of artificial intelligence is based on "human way of thinking activity can use mechanical simulation displacement" hypothesis, the depth is the most key elements of the study, which is a branch of machine learning, aims to build analysis, simulate the human brain neural network learning, focus on getting the computer to learn how to "think" like a human. The value of deep learning in AlphaGo victory over the case of the world's top go players has been validated by a large extent, has been widely applied to the security, voice, medicine, biology, financial, economic forecasts, and other fields. It can be said that deep learning has greatly promoted the level of artificial intelligence, promoted the commercialization of artificial intelligence and gradually has a far-reaching impact on human society.

Of course, study, discussion on the application of the artificial intelligence and applications is far from over, the field of artificial intelligence views still exist two factions: strong ai think machine can get the kind of person's self consciousness and consciousness, the intelligence level through continuous learning can be higher than humans; Weak ai thinks ai is just a takeover and replacement of human labor. Machines can't really have intelligence and have no sense of autonomy. At present, the current research and application status quo, the mainstream artificial intelligence technology is still the tool and means of solving practical problems, mainly focusing on human skills learning.

The artificial intelligence is roaring and the financial services industry is actively exploring the intelligent level of improving financial services through artificial intelligence and taking it as a new driving force for future development. At the application level, there have been many successful model and case, such as by "ai + financial services" improving the capacity of data mining and analysis, market analysis and forecast, analysis of customer demand and service ability, risk management and control ability, etc.

Faced with complex economic market environment and various financial products and tools, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to make good investment financial choices. The emergence of artificial intelligence is gradually to improve this situation, financial investment and organic fusion spawned new online wealth management mode of "smart," this is a generic asset management era distinctive mode of investment management services, on the basis of computer algorithm, based on the modern portfolio theory (MPT) to provide automatic and intelligent portfolio management services. It is an investment advisory service in essence, but it is more able to construct diversified portfolio and automatic asset allocation for investors than traditional financial services sales services.

With its origins in the United States, smart investment has begun to take shape in mature markets such as the us and Europe, and is likely to become mainstream in the next three to five years. The European and American intelligent investment services have common characteristics. One is to make full use of Internet technology to make investment banking services more convenient. The second is to provide services to investors through automated and intelligent algorithms, to reduce the cost of customer's customers, reduce investors' expenses and risks, and enhance investors' experience. Thirdly, financial planning is clear and easy to understand, and further improve the transparency of portfolio analysis and asset allocation proposals. Fourth, the barriers to entry are lower, focusing on the long tail customers, and more emphasis on personalization and customization.

In view of our country, the investment and financing market scale is 100 trillion yuan, but the financial adviser coverage is very low, and the field of intelligent investment is in a very early stage of exploration with great potential. But due to finance and investment is a process of risk in income, intelligent interest is asset allocation of the quantification model application, this is a very professional financial services, so in the process of innovation and development, need to focus on and solve the following problems: one is to continue and more investment in artificial intelligence, focus on promoting the application and practice in financial services; Second, we should strengthen the training of investment portfolio and asset quantitative analysis team. Third, we should attach great importance to the risk control and compliance of the business, and fail to break through the restrictions of regulation or regulation, resulting in market chaos, harming consumers' rights and causing systemic risks. Only in this way can the ordinary investors in our country provide reliable, affordable and trustworthy services.

In addition to the intelligent applications of interest, because the artificial intelligence has strong ability of speech recognition and synthesis, in human-computer interaction at the same time, the efficiency of ascension has given rise to a new customer service mode: intelligent service robot, namely combining the artificial intelligence and customer service, providing customers with more convenient, accurate, high quality voice interaction online service or intelligent hall guide services, etc.

In terms of overall development, intelligent customer service robot has experienced four stages. The earliest intelligent customer service robot is "question-and-answer robot", which is mainly used in telephone customer service, mainly based on the exact match of a single keyword, and is subject to many restrictions in the use of the scene. The second generation intelligent customer service robot has certain fuzzy query ability, which supports multiple keyword matching, but the application scenario is simpler because the matching rule is more solidified. The third generation of intelligent service robot can not only deal with keywords, can also handle sentences, with natural language processing technology processes, to further understand and answer user questions, but this phase of the intelligent service robot judgment is still limited, the matching precision of statement also needs to be further improved. In order to compensate for this defect, the fourth generation of intelligent service robot application of the latest "deep learning" and "pattern recognition model and technology of" further break the artificial configuration rules, make its can handle customer more conversational and more complicated problems.

At present, with the continuous development of intelligent service robot technology and mature, are very popular at home and abroad, some large Internet companies successively introduced a "smart bot" based on this technology. And major financial services based on the specific areas under the customer service or a specific context, the intelligent service robot technology to launch more precise customization, more targeted application service mode. Specific view, mainly through two ways to provide standardized customer service content, one is on the basis of the existing IVR introduce intelligent service robot, expand foreign customer service channels, and provide customers with more convenient online voice service interaction services; 2 it is in the outlets will be intelligent robots as virtual lobby manager, undertake part of the customer reception work and guide and all kinds of business, and provide basic financial services to the customers, improving customer service experience.

, of course, the application of artificial intelligence in current financial technology, in addition to the intelligent interest, intelligent customer service, many financial services institutions are trying to apply it to credit approval, risk control and intelligent trading, and other fields, for the service innovation of the financial industry has brought new imagination. In the future, with the gradual maturity and popularization of artificial intelligence, it is bound to provide a new impetus for China's financial science and technology development, and more effectively promote the healthy development of inclusive finance.

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