Office Adjustable Desk

Office Adjustable Desk


Due to professional needs,more and more office personnel need long time to operate continuously and keep their posture in front of the computer and this kind of working way is easy to cause all kinds of cumulative trauma diseases in the shoulder, neck and back. The emergence of such phenomena has also aroused great attention which leads to adjustable table appears. Through the 24V DC motor adjust and control column in the drive system to achieve the lifting and position memory of the tables, people can adjust their tables to the best height for working or learning, realize the change of daily study and office style, and make the smart study and scientific working become reality, help people say goodbye to sedentariness and realize the alternate station to study and work. It is of great help to improve work efficiency and reduce the possibility of "work sickness".

Developed countries have always attached great importance to the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases. The electric lift table has been widely used in offices in Europe and America. In recent years, China has begun to focus on smart office, healthy life, such products began to enter the public eye, the future prospects for development should not be underestimated.

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